Scratch Programming for Beginners

In digital age, being able to code has become a vital skill. Let your kid to discover how to create something wonderful using a PC, a screen and free software

Course Format

Online classes at a selected time according to the group’s schedule. The student will need a computer or a tablet and a coding app or website.


The course consists of 20 lessons 60 minutes each. The classes are 1-2 times a week


The classes are held online in group of 5 students. 


The course will be divided into 2 levels according to the students’ grades



Course Description

Welcome to Scratch Programming for Beginners! Scratch is a programming language intended to make programming easier to learn for novice programmers. It can be used to create computer games, interactive stories, graphic artwork and computer animation, and all sorts of other multimedia projects.Best of all, it’s actually fun to use! In Scratch Programming for Beginners Course students are going to learn the instructions that a first-time programmer needs to get up and running with Scratch. Students are going to create different kinds of projects that incorporate Scratch tools. As our students learn how to program with Scratch, students also going to learn programming principles and techniques that they can later apply in their projects.

Why Scratch programming?

Scratch provides everything needed to begin developing computer games, multi- media presentations, interactive stories, graphic artwork, and computer anima- tion. Scratch can be used to play digital music and sound effects. Scratch’s building block approach to programming sets it apart from other programming languages. This makes Scratch easier to learn. And yet Scratch provides plenty of programming power, allowing you to build very powerful application projects.

What knowledge and skills can the child gain by completing this course?

Our mission is to teach children to create their own IT product in a comfortable Scratch environment!

Students are going to learn about the basics programming concepts in the Scratch environment

The students will get to know the amazing IT world as a creator, not a user.

Will be able to develop logical and creative thinking.

Learn not only to come up with their projects, but also to demonstrate them in public.

Get a Certificate of Completion

Course program (Syllabus)

Session 1: Basic programming concepts (with Scratch)

Session 2: Getting to Know Scratch

Session 3: Object movements

Session 4: Activity 1. Your first Scratch program

Session 5: Activity 2.

Session 6: Make it more interesting

Session 7: Sound effects

Session 8: Activity 3.

Session 9: Loops in Scratch

Session 10: Activity 4.

Session 11: Variables in Scratch

Session 12: Activity 5.

Session 13: Conditions in Scratch

Session 14: Data types and Structures in Scratch

Session 15: Activity 6.

Session 16: Event handling in Scratch

Session 17: Activity 7.

Session 18: Data types and Structures in Scratch

Session 19: Activity 8.

Session 20: Putting it all together

Session 21: Project: Game on