University and career guidance

Our comprehensive range of services for study abroad includes personalized University Guidance Counseling Sessions, Career Assessment Tests, and assistance in Program/Major selection to ensure students find the right academic path. We offer Application Assistance, guiding students through the entire application process, as well as Scholarship Guidance to help secure funding. Our Visa Support and Interview Preparation services ease the transition, while our Pre-departure Orientation prepares students for life abroad. University Exploration Tours provide firsthand insights into potential institutions, and our Test Preparation programs cover a range of exams including IB, IGCSE, A-Level, SAT, and IELTS, ensuring students are fully prepared for their academic journey abroad. Additionally, our counselor from Ivy League universities assists in preparing students for admission into top universities worldwide, and we offer high school research programs to enrich students’ academic experiences.

Wide range of services we provide for individuals

Interview preparation


Visa support


Application assistance

May 31, 2023

Test preperation


University exploration tours

Grade 8 and 9

Pre departure orientation

100$ per individual

Wide range of services we provide for schools

 University Guidance Program for Schools: Empowering Student Success

  1. Personalized Guidance Program (Gr 9 – 12)

  2. Individual and Group Counselling Sessions

  3. University Selection & Application Assistance

  4. Financial Aid and Scholarships Guidance 

  5. Career Planning

  6. University Representative Visits
    Fairs& Info Sessions 

  7. University Exploration Tours

  8. University Guidance Resources 

  9. University Partnerships

  10. Test Preparation