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Immigration and Student Visa services to Australia

Duke has a long history of providing opportunities for talented middle and high school students to gain exposure to rigorous academic coursework and to communities of talented peers. Many of these opportunities were facilitated by Duke TIP, which was established in 1980 and provided valuable academic enrichment opportunities for several generations of pre-college students. Duke Youth Programs has also provided a range of engaging summer programs for more than 20 years.

Student visa

Allows international students to study in Australia for a specified duration, granting them access to quality education and cultural experiences.

Skill immigration

attracts skilled workers, addressing skill shortages, fostering diversity, and boosting the economy by enabling them to work in Australia.

Partner visa

allows eligible individuals to reunite with their Australian partners, fostering family unity and promoting immigration through relationships.

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Meet your Australian immigratian agent

Whatanak Vy

An accomplished migration agent boasting degrees from a top 1% globally ranked prestigious university. Hailing from Cambodian and Vietnamese heritage, Wathnak embarked on his Australian journey in 2012 through a family visa, instilling in him a deep understanding of family reunification and the pursuit of a better life in Australia.

Wathnak’s unwavering commitment stems from his belief in equal opportunities for all. He ardently asserts that, regardless of circumstances, there exists a viable pathway to Australia and the potential for a fulfilling life in this nation. This belief fuels his dedication as a migration agent.

Wathnak’s expertise spans various facets of migration law, with a particular emphasis on adeptly handling visa applications. He excels in guiding clients through student, family, protection, and merit review cases, often representing them before the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). His vast knowledge ensures that individuals and families can confidently navigate the intricate immigration process, fostering hope for a brighter future in Australia.

CertIIITraTour(TTA), BComm(Mgt), BSocSci, BIntDev(UOA), GDipMigLPrac(UTS), MCounsel(TU)