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Bright Education Consultancy's

Bright Consultant Education and Travel Co., Ltd excels in connecting students with prestigious international competitions. Our portfolio includes Mathematics Competitions such as the Angkor Mathematics Competition (KH), Copernicus Olympiad (USA), Math Kangaroo (FRA), International Math Challenge (TH), IMEC Online Olympiad (UK), Komodo Math Competition (IDN), and Young Master Challenge (UK); English Competitions including World Scholar’s Cup (USA), TeenEagle Competition (UK), Owlypia–The Intellectuals’ Challenge (UK), HIPPO Olympiad (ITA), and Young Master Challenge (UK); and STEM Competitions like Genius Olympiad (USA), IWISE (UK), VILIPO (LTU), STEMCO (SPG), and STEM Olympiad (DEU). Our aim is to provide platforms for intellectual growth and global exposure.